Have you Integrated Motorcentral with Xero?

Motorcentral is a fantastic piece of software that allows the efficient management of stock and seamless integration into advertising sites such as Trade me.
Whilst most dealers are experts in this aspect of Motorcentral and the efficiency this brings there are equally as significant efficiency benefits from Integrating Motorcentral with Xero.
Sadly, most dealers using Motorcentral and Xero have not linked Motorcentral with Xero and are missing out on the big money and time savings that can be achieved from integration.
Some of the benefits of linking Motorcentral with Xero are:

          1     Elimination of double entry of costs and expenses
          2     Sales details exported automatically into Xero file
          3     Elimination of errors and mistakes from manual entry
          4     Reduction of administration wages through reduced entry requirement
          5     Stock records automatically agree with accounting records
          6     Profit results and accounting results are up to date (Real Time Accounting)
          7     Wages costs can be reduced through outsourcing
          8     Ability to move to a paperless environment.

Despite the relative ease of linking Motorcentral to Xero most car dealerships don't do it. This is generally because they are not sure how to and because administration staff are often reluctant. This reluctance is usually because they don't like change and prefer using the familiar but old and more inefficient processes.
Our recommendation is to link Motorcentral with Xero as soon as possible to unlock the benefits listed above.
Whilst integrating will involve some changes to the processes your administration staff carry out, each of these changes will save you time, money and make your business more profitable.
You will get information on your business that is a lot more meaningful, easier to access and can be used to assist with planning and sourcing additional funding if required.
It will also ensure you are following best practices and that you are getting the maximum return for the administration costs you are paying. Not integrating Motorcentral to Xero is like owning a Ferrari and always driving it in first gear!
Integrating is easy. If you want to know more about how to integrate Motorcentral with Xero contact David Hunter or Toni Alford.

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