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Real Time Accounting Ltd is a local chartered accounting practice that has been founded on using the latest technology, best handpicked local and overseas people, and processes to drive down the costs that businesses face.

We are a full service chartered accounting practice, cloud based, paperless, ultra efficient and committed to saving business owners time and money.

RTA uses the best people and processes to enhance the delivery of accounting services whilst reducing the costs associated with processing work the old fashioned way.

What is Real Time Accounting?

Real Time Accounting is when your books are constantly up to date and you know exactly where you are with your account balances, as well as revenue and profit.

The opposite of Real Time Accounting is getting your financial statements done once per year leaving you unsure of your financial result and tax liability for months after each year end.

Technology has changed the accounting industry more in the last 5 years than the last 50 years. The days of taking records to your accountant in a shoe box followed by a six month wait time in order for them to prepare you tax returns, and then receiving a hefty bill, are over.

These days’ smart modern businesses are using powerful inexpensive cloud based technology that is processing data in "real time" producing immediate valuable data for less than the cost to process using old fashioned systems.

There is no need for expensive hardware infrastructure and information can be accessed remotely 24/7, which in turn is helping grow the value of the business. As well as having more accurate and timely information business adopting Real Time Accounting are often making significant cost savings in annual compliance costs.

Our focus is to save you, the business owner, time and money whilst providing a professional quality service.

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