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At Real Time Accounting (RTA) we regularly use world leading innovative software products that help businesses improve all aspects of their operations.

Our philosophy at RTA is to use technology to automate operations as much as possible to create lean organisations that are more efficient and profitable than those of your competitors.

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Automation in many cases reduces the workload of stretched busy staff and can provide the opportunity to lower wages costs.

Our experience is that using smart technology in conjunction with the introduction of best practice processes, will for many organisations improve their revenue and cashflow whilst reducing administrative processing costs by as much as 30%.

Using relatively inexpensive cloud based software to grow revenue and improve cashflow whilst reducing administration processing costs, not only improves profits and returns to the hard-working business owners, it can increase the value of the business by many multiples of the annual improvements.

In this section, we analyse different industry software packages that we have used and been impressed with.

We highlight the practical benefits that we have experienced first-hand and provide as many practical recommendations to any organisations using or considering using the software.

If you have any queries or questions or want any practical advice on any of the software reviewed contact Toni or Chris or book a complimentary appointment with one of our advisors.


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